Author Lifetime Listings @ 50% Off – Great Opening Special!

author lifetime listings the crow barAuthor lifetime listings sure are a rarity aren’t they? If you’re a self-published indie writer, you know how expensive it is to get the word out about your books – and you’re probably keenly aware of how almost every book marketing and promotion site out there either demands 50 (or 500) book reviews on Amazon before you even qualify –  or demands premium $$$ for the privilege… or both!

Whether author/book marketing sites charge $10 or $100 or more, it’s usually PER TITLE, and if you have more than one book – or even tens of books – the costs really start to add up, don’t they? Yup – and then they hit you with the annual renewal fee!

Face it, most writers aren’t rich – and the cost of just posting a book ad on a marketing website could cost anything between $10 and $100, if not more… and if you have 5 books you want to promote, it quickly adds up! It’s even worse if you live in a country that has a poor exchange rate – South African currency currently ranks up at over R14 to 1 USD – meaning that even though “just $10” sounds like “just R10”, the truth is often frightening for indie writers from South Africa trying to get their feet in the door!

Feeling jaded and cynical (and even depressed and hopeless) after scrolling through countless referral and marketing websites all demanding pounds of flesh for the privilege of listing with them? Well, get ready for something different! At The Crow Bar, the crow stops here!

Unlike other book referral websites, The Crow Bar will only charge an indie author a single ONE-TIME FEE for creating an author page and listing all their submitted indie-published titles on that page AND in our marketing slider on our front page (WITH LINKS)!

Our regular price for a LIFETIME listing is a once-off payment of R250 (or $20) – but as part of our launch, The Crow Bar is offering a half-price (50%) discount on author & book listing for the first five new indie authors who apply and list!

That’s right – we’re offering a LIFETIME listing – no annual renewal fees, no per title listing fees, no blah-blah, no bullshit! Wether you have 1 book, or 50, we’ll list all of them on your author listing page and on our front page, for the same once-off fee! (Don’t forget that 50% off discount!)

What does this mean? Your author page and listing will remain on our site for as long as the site exists – and we’re not going anywhere (except UP) – and without us ever asking you for a “renewal fee”!

What Do You Get With An Author Listing?

We offer the following package deal:

  • For a once-off payment of just R250 R150 (ZAR) in South African currency (or USD $20 $10), we’ll create a permanent listing for you on Our Authors list, AND create you a permanent authors page on The Crow Bar dot coza featuring your biography, links back to your own author website, and your book covers – with links to your choice of destination (each book on Amazon or Lulu or Smashwords, etc). As part of the same package, we’ll also include your book covers in our front page slide feature AND if you have a monthly or quarterly newsletter we’ll also share that for you as a post on our News page.
  • After the conclusion of the initial package, you will need to pay a small maintenance fee of R25 ($2) for any changes or additions of new material or books to our site (this is ONLY if you want anything changed, added or removed).
  • Terms & conditions apply.

To see what we’re looking for (and NOT looking for) visit our “about us” page. (Please DO NOT send us manuscripts or submissions – we’re not a publishing company – we only list titles and authors.)

To recap, that’s a very reasonable R125 (or $10) – for a LIFETIME listing on our site – and referrals  of visitor traffic from our site to yours!

Why not take advantage of this excellent opportunity to increase your web footprint and reach? Contact us today to get the ball rolling!

The Crow Bar is supported by DarkLady Marketing

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