Crow Bar Book of the Week: “Watcher Academy” by S.K. Gregory

Today’s book of the week (our very first!) comes from the latest author to join us for a round at the Crow Bar – S. K. Gregory! USA Today Bestselling Author S. K. Gregory writes urban fantasy, paranormal romance, horror and young adult novels. If you love strong female leads and supernatural action, then be sure to check out her books!

Watcher Academy” is the first book in “League of Watchers”, a new series by S. K. Gregory.

About “Watcher Academy”:

“Adeline ‘Dell’ Grimm has been in training to join the Watcher Academy her whole life. A legacy, her grandfather, Edward was one of the Academy’s most respected members and Dell is determined to follow in his footsteps.

An impulsive decision could destroy her new life…

Left alone one night, Dell cannot resist a quick look at the recent delivery of artefacts. Artefacts which the Watchers are duty bound to keep hidden away from the world, for they possess supernatural magic, magic that could prove deadly in the wrong hands. Which doesn’t bode well for Dell when she accidentally drops one of them.

A Watcher is supposed to keep evil at bay, but what happens when it walks among them?

Soon Dell finds herself missing time and when a fellow Watcher is found murdered, she wonders if she is somehow responsible.

Turning to her fellow Watchers, Spencer and Max, Dell must figure out the truth before someone else dies.”

You can find this book on Amazon.

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