Crow Bar Book of the Week: “Fucked Up Fairy Tales vol 1” by Alex S. Johnson

Today’s book of the week comes from Alex S. Johnson!

Alex is a sometime English professor, music journalist and author/editor currently residing in Central California. He is the author of such books as Bad Sunset, Doctor Flesh: Director’s Cut and Fucked Up Shit! (with Berti Walker). Anthologies he has created and edited include the Axes of Evil series, Floppy Shoes Apocalypse and Chunks: A Barfzarro Anthology.

Based in Sacramento, California, he is the founder of the indie publishing house Nocturnicorn Books, and his past resume makes for an impressive reading – English professor, respected music journalist and he has many, many stories and poems published over the years.

Alex S. Johnson is the author of several books, including The Doom Hippies, a collection of his best horror/Bizarro/weird western/science fiction/fantasy and generally unclassifiable prose and poetry works; The Death Jazz, which consists mostly of experimental poetry; and many others.

In “Fucked Up Fairy Tales volume 1“, Doom and Gloom, two nasty storm clouds, have been raining very unpleasant things upon the land of Euphoria. At first it was just inconvenient and gross, but now it has become dangerous!

Featuring tales by Berti Walker, Betty Rocksteady – and Alex S. Johnson who is also the editor!

You can find this book on Amazon.

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