3 Virtual Box Sets From Christina Engela!

Three different virtual box sets of Christina Engela’s eBooks available – EXCLUSIVELY from Christina Engela dot com – one each for the Galaxii Series, Quantum Series, and Panic! Horror In Space! You can view them by clicking on the links below, or by visiting the Shop page at https://christinaengela.com/.

There are advantages to buying a box set of eBooks as opposed to buying the eBooks in these series individually – they’re cheaper! The cost of each box set is 10% less than buying the individual eBooks which make it up, separately!¬†All three books in the Galaxii Series (at $2 each) would add up to $6 – while the Galaxii Series Virtual Box Set comes to $5!

All books included are in epub format, compatible with most reading devices.

The Galaxii Series (3 titles): https://christinaengela.com/product/the-galaxii-series-virtual-box-set/

Likewise, the Panic Series Virtual Box Set also comes to $5 – while the six-titled Quantum Series Virtual Box Set – instead of $12, is available at $10!

The Quantum Series (6 titles): https://christinaengela.com/product/the-quantum-series-virtual-box-set/

The three books in Panic! Horror In Space (at $2 each) would also add up to $6 – while the Virtual Box Set comes to just $5!

Panic! Horror In Space (3 titles): https://christinaengela.com/product/the-panic-horror-in-space-series-virtual-box-set/

Once you’ve completed the checkout process integrated via PayPal, you will be able to download all the eBooks in that box set directly from the checkout page, or from the links in the email that will be automatically sent to you!

Meanwhile, happy reading!

“South African Author Christina Engela was the very first person to reach out to this site for a book review and served as an important turning point for this blog. Since then her work has probably been one of the most featured here and for good reason – she writes great books! …Highly recommended!” – Lee Hall, UK writer & book reviewer, December 04, 2020

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