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Who are we?

The Crow Bar dot coza is a listing site for indie authors run by indie authors. Right now, we’re still new and shiny, and although we’re starting out small, we intend to get much bigger!

As indie authors ourselves, we know how hard it is to get attention for our books – and the need to get listed everywhere one can to get as much attention as possible! We want to help, and honestly we’d love to do it for free, but face it – webhosting and domains and managing a website takes time and costs money!

What is it that we do?

We list indie authors and their indie titles on our site. From here, visitors get referred to either the sales pages for the individual books visitors click on; or to the author websites/pages of the authors. We list authors and their books, but we only list self-published books. We don’t sell books – there are no ecommerce functions on this site – we simply list and refer visitor traffic to where it’s most needed.

The Crow Bar dot coza is connected to DarkLady Marketing to attract more eyes to our site – and more attention to your indie books!

How can you get listed?

We offer the following package deal:

  • For a once-off payment of just R250 (ZAR) in South African currency (or USD $20), we’ll create a permanent listing for you on Our Authors list, AND create you a permanent authors page on The Crow Bar dot coza featuring your biography, links back to your own author website, and your book covers – with links to your choice of destination (each book on Amazon or Lulu or Smashwords, etc). As part of the same package, we’ll also include FIVE of your book covers in our front page slide feature.
  • After the conclusion of the initial package, you will need to pay a small maintenance fee of R25 ($2) for any changes or additions of new material or books to our site (this is ONLY if you want anything changed, added or removed).
  • Terms & conditions apply.

What are we looking for?

Fiction and non-fiction in any genre, in paperback or eBook format (again, a reminder: we list them, we don’t sell them!) by self-published or indie (independent) authors in English! We’re based in South Africa, but we’re not limiting our geographical interest to our area – the world’s our oyster, right?

What aren’t we looking for?

We don’t want titles which are published via “traditional” publishers or that are not self-published by the author. (If you are an author who has been published via “traditional” publishers, but who also has titles which are self-published, we’ll still list you – but we’ll only list the self-published titles on our site.)

Please DO NOT send us manuscripts or submissions – we’re not a publishing company – we only list titles and authors.

We will NOT list religious proselytizing material, or material which promotes abuse, racism, xenophobic material, or material which promotes or glorifies hatred, harm, gratuitous sex, violence, homophobia or transphobia. (If that describes your writing, please don’t contact us; we don’t want to hear from you. Seriously.)

Let’s get started!

Send us an email via our contact page to get the ball rolling! From there, we’ll answer any questions you might have, and as soon as your payment has been confirmed (via EFT (South Africa) or PayPal (everywhere else) we’ll get to work! We look forward to hearing from you!

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“Did you know – before the Crow Bar was invented, crows had to read at home.”