3 Virtual Box Sets From Christina Engela!

Three different virtual box sets of Christina Engela’s eBooks available – EXCLUSIVELY from Christina Engela dot com – one each for the Galaxii Series, Quantum Series, and Panic! Horror In Space! You can view them by clicking on the links below, or by visiting the Shop page at https://christinaengela.com/.

Crow Bar Book of the Week: “Smoking Hot” by Amy Mah

Today’s book of the week comes from Amy Mah. Amy Mah is a UK based author who writes unique fantasy novels about vampires, demons and other terrors of the night. “Smoking Hot: The Diary of a Fire Demon” is a book about a young woman tricked into swapping more than just bodies with a girl […]

Crow Bar Book of the Week: “Season’s Change” by Wendy K. Engela

This weeks book of the week comes from Wendy K. Engela! “Season’s Change” is a collection of poetry by Wendy Keran Engela (neé Gloss), who has all the right qualifications, skills and experience to be regarded as a Gothic artist and poet, including being an incorrigible grammar-Nazi, having the prerequisite dark existential outlook, depression, a […]

Crow Bar Book of the Week: “Blachart” by Christina Engela

Today’s book of the week comes from Christina Engela! Christina Engela is one of South Africa’s most unique and skilled storytellers, having written 13 novels in three science fiction series, and also several non-fiction titles. Best known for her realistic characterization and for casting fully-fleshed-out LGBT characters in leading roles, Christina brings her wealth of […]

Crow Bar Book of the Week: “Makami” by Alex S. Johnson

Today’s book of the week comes from Alex S. Johnson! Alex is a sometime English professor, music journalist and author/editor currently residing in Central California. He is the author of such books as Bad Sunset, Doctor Flesh: Director’s Cut and Fucked Up Shit! (with Berti Walker). Anthologies he has created and edited include the Axes of […]

Crow Bar Book of the Week: “Watcher Academy” by S.K. Gregory

Today’s book of the week (our very first!) comes from the latest author to join us for a round at the Crow Bar – S. K. Gregory! USA Today Bestselling Author S. K. Gregory writes urban fantasy, paranormal romance, horror and young adult novels. If you love strong female leads and supernatural action, then be […]

Author Lifetime Listings @ 50% Off – Great Opening Special!

Author lifetime listings sure are a rarity aren’t they? If you’re a self-published indie writer, you know how expensive it is to get the word out about your books – and you’re probably keenly aware of how almost every book marketing and promotion site out there either demands 50 (or 500) book reviews on Amazon […]

Hello World! Etc!

Welcome to The Crow Bar dot coza – the site that will provide links to quality indie books by quality South African indie authors! (We’ve crossed that out because we’re not limiting ourselves to just South Africa anymore!) To find out more, visit our “About Us” page. This site is still under construction, so please […]